Frequently Asked Questions

Does Natural Timber Creations only do timber kitchens and furniture?
No, but we are timber specialists.

Do you design kitchens and furniture?
Yes, we combine your ideas with our experience and craftsmanship to create a masterpiece that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

How much will my new project cost?
This will depend on what you want and need in your kitchen, the design you would like and appliances.

I need some ideas, where do I start?
Look through our website and magazines, then contact us for an appointment so we can combine your ideas with our experience.

Can you come and have a look at our plans/kitchen?
Yes, contact us to make an appointment.

I can’t visualise my new kitchen, can you help?
Yes, we can show you a computer 3D image of what your dream kitchen will look like.

How do I get a quote?
Contact us for an appointment so we can go through things together, then we can get a quote worked out to suit your requirements. (See the Process page)

Can I see my new kitchen being manufactured?
Yes our clients are welcome to visit our workshop to see their dream becoming a reality and to ask any questions they may have.

Who will install my new kitchen?
The craftsmen who make your kitchen will install it to laser level accuracy, meaning everything will be done right the first time.

How long will it take to make my Kitchen?
Because of the uniqueness of our kitchens, the high demand and the preparation that goes into each one, it is important to plan well in advance.

I am renovating, what kind of disruption can I expect during the installation?
The cabinetry is prepared in advance and the installation usually only takes a couple of days. Where we need to create a template for the bench tops, manufacture may take an additional two weeks, but we will minimise any disruption possible.