Latest Kitchens

There will always be something timeless about a timber kitchen which surpasses current fashions and trends. Timber retains and exudes a warm, unique style of its own – there is nothing like a handcrafted timber kitchen to create a feeling of opulence in a home!

We specialise and manufacture in a wide range of styles and timbers. From a contemporary or modern classic country style to a more traditional and vintage look, our designs and styles are limited only by your imagination.

Our kitchens integrate creative features with practical and functional solutions and technological innovations that are durable and last with time. They are designed to reflect your personality and lifestyle and remain a truly distinctive part of your home.

We are based in Waitakere, West Auckland and serve the wider Auckland region.




"The quality and design of the kitchen is beyond our expectations. We found your suggestions helped make our kitchen a pleasure to work in."
A and M Mandeno